Top Email Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Marketers send over 144 billion targeted emails every day to subscribers. This generally leads to a Return on Investment (ROI) of over 3000%, making email marketing a vital asset in your digital strategy toolkit. It is a powerful measure to integrate into your marketing strategy to maximize your brand’s growth but without top-notch strategies to stand out, it’s almost impossible to get traction. Here are some effective techniques to master.

1. Email Segmentation

Email segmentation is a digital targeting technique of sending the right emails to the right subscribers. Segmenting an email list of more than one thousand subscribers into separate lists according to the divided interests of the group helps boost conversions. Thus, avoid sending a one-size-fits-all message to all your subscribers.

Segmentation is essential to your email strategizing and sequencing for the following reasons:-

  • Better Optimizing
    Personalising your email offers to a small segment of subscribers is more effective than sending the spray-and-pray emails to a thousand subscribers. This allows for better optimisation of your brand’s message to existing and potential customers.
  • Efficient with a High Conversion Rate
    Segmentation makes targeted emails more powerful since they resonate with consumers. Most digital marketing brands reported an increase of 760% in email marketing revenue from segmented emails.
  • Enhances Customer Satisfaction/Retention
    Improve your relationships with your customers by cultivating an emotional connection from sending the right email. That’s how targeted emotional marketing comes into place. Your customers feel a bond with your brand’s message so they remain loyal. They may even persuade others to use the brand, increasing your customer base.

2. Include Compelling Subject Lines

An attention-grabbing subject line is vital to email targeting. A modest 47% of your email subscribers open emails based on the subject line while a more significant 67% will report your email as spam, also based on the subject line. Thus, make sure you carefully consider your subject line before pressing ‘send’.

Here are some subject-line suggestions to use for your email marketing strategies.

  • Subject lines based on curiosity
    Engendering curiosity in your customers plays on the emotional marketing approach. Remember, the crucial thing is getting your subscriber to open your email so creating an emotion that compels them to take a look has a great chance of success. Consider the sentence ‘How will modern marketing evolve in two years?’ Your subscribers would want to know “how” since they are the targets of modern marketing.
  • Personalized subject lines
    A subject line with a personal greeting, such as ‘Teddy, have a look at some of our amazing offers!’ is sure to catch someone’s attention. These email lines tend to be 12% more effective for achieving a high click-through rate (CTR).
  • FOMO
    Capitalising on someone’s fear of missing out (FOMO) can be a potent action trigger. People, for the most part, want to be in the loop. A FOMO subject line could be ‘Last Chance to Not Miss Out on Our Exciting Offer!’ Use this sparingly though, since you don’t want to send all-urgent emails every time you send an email.
  • Subject lines based on pain points
    Use subject lines that resonate with your readers and make them open your emails. Again, subscriber profiling is crucial here since you need to anticipate what topics might be a point of pain and send emails that may relieve them of that pain. Some examples could be: ‘Stop wasting your time with flaky advertising companies.’ and ‘Are you getting fewer sales in your business? Do this instead.’.

3. Send mobile-optimized emails

Only 32% of your subscribers use their laptop to open emails, whereas 52% check emails on their mobile phones. Also, 87% of email marketers lose prospects because of poor email optimization. How, then, can you optimize emails for a high CTR? Here’s how to do it:

  • Go the wordsmith way.
    The attention span of your reader is three seconds. Target every word in your email copy towards the end goal of making your subscriber click the golden link and CTA button.
  • Use images sparingly.
    Images take time to load. Your readers might be on a tentative network connection; you can imagine the frustration. Use an image below 599px in your emails because above that will land it in a spam folder.
  • Having an email template is wise.
    Are you a coding wiz? Make a responsive email template. Otherwise, you can download a free or premium template online. Since emails should load fast, investing in a mobile-responsive and light template will save in the long run.
  • Moderate the size of your CTA buttons and links.
    An effective CTA button should be 50*50 pixel squares for the best UX. Here are the essential statistics you should know about people who use phones to open your emails: 10% hold their phone with one hand, 70% of phone users use their thumb to touch the screen, while 35% will cradle their phone. Keeping these statistics in mind, targeting the 70% of subscribers who use their thumbs seems to be the best bet by placing the CTA button or links strategically to facilitate them.

4. Retarget your dormant subscribers with better offers.

Use customer data to monitor and retarget inactive subscribers with information that compels them to check out your product or service once again.

  • Use the R-T-O formula.
    R-T-O is an acronym for Result-Time-Objective which can be used as a template for your email subject lines.
    Result: Learn LinkedIn Marketing
    Time: One Hour
    Objective: For FreeThus, your email subject line writes itself: ‘Learn LinkedIn Marketing in One Hour for Free!’
  • Launch an email reactivation campaign.
    Dormant subscribers are important. To know why they’re not active, understand why they don’t open your emails. Is it because they lost interest in your content or they don’t use that email anymore? Update your customer information database, segment your emails accordingly, and launch targeted email-reactivation campaigns.
  • Repurpose content.
    Content is key to an effective marketing campaign. Low-value content results in a low CTR and fewer viable leads. Learn to use subscribers’ data and profiling to create impactful content that communicates and sells on your behalf.
  • Choose effective re-engagement tools.
    There are many tools at your disposal for successful re-engagement with a target audience. Surveys or polls, coupons or promotion codes, online competitions, and automated personalised emails (see point above) can all effectively stir up notice within a previously disinterested market.

5. Timing is necessary

Research shows that people are more agreeable to opening emails on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Also, the best times to send an email are:
6 a.m. – 50% of the people start their day by replying to messages and emails
2 p.m. – when people are out of work mode and looking for distractions
8 p.m. – some people check their emails before going to bed

Timing is necessary to achieve a high Click-Through-Rate. If you haven’t been properly timing your emails, it might be the reason you have many dormant subscribers.

A customer’s email address is an essential piece of information, use it wisely and reap the rewards. By following the techniques above, your email marketing strategy could yield more sales and more revenue for your business.

Launching and maintaining an effective email strategy that brings forth lots of leads and conversations requires a finger on the pulse of an ever-evolving market. Contact us today and we’ll help you through your digital marketing journey.

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