Five Tips for Revamping Your Social Media Pages

Revamping your social media pages

New year, new me – it’s the current theme for companies and individuals alike. It’s ok to want to start the year off with a new look but as a brand, you need to ensure this change is still in keeping with your established look. Drastic changes can alienate your current audience or affect your […]

How 2020 Transformed Digital Marketing

How 2020 transformed Digital Marketing

There is no doubt that the world breathed a huge sigh of relief when 2020 came to an end – we sure did! The past year brought with it many unexpected changes in the way people functioned in their daily lives – from the way they communicated to the way they did business. Even so […]

The right framework for marketing in a digital world


When most B2B companies realized that they weren’t making it big from old digital marketing playbooks, most opted to create relevant digital marketing frameworks that could meet and solve their modern business needs. The previous framework included social media management, blog publishing, and email campaigns. The main focus was on traffic. It had no focus […]

Understanding behavioral marketing in a business context

Behavioral Approach

In the past it was a daunting task for marketers to use data to define and target their audiences correctly due to consumer data being minimal and hence, not easy to segment and create a target audience profile. Marketers had to use less ideal marketing practices, which included sending unsegmented emails, cold calls, and ads. […]

7 things you should be asking your social/digital marketing team

Things you should be asking your marketing team

As business competition increases, your marketing team shouldn’t be focusing their campaign measurements on traditional metrics such as unique visitors, leads, or clicks. To stand out and drive your business through this dynamic world, the demand for tracking additional metrics is higher than ever. This responsibility lies with your marketing team. Thus, before they launch […]

Agile vs. Waterfall marketing

Traditional and Agile Methodology

To compare these two forms of marketing, firstly let us define the difference between agile and waterfall marketing. Waterfall marketing can be summarized as ‘big idea’ marketing. The concept that your marketing team works on a massive campaign or concept for months, plans every single detail and executes the event at scale and launches your […]