10 Years of Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular networking sites bringing millions of people on a common platform. It is not only a medium to stay connected with your loved ones and friends but a platform to promote your business as well. During the several years, Facebook has evolved as a powerful platform that adds a new dimension to your business, creates brand awareness and makes it global too. Thus it can be said that this networking medium has definitely brought about a huge revolution by bringing the people together.

Celebrating 10 years of popularity

When Facebook was introduced by Mark Zuckerberg 10 years before, he had not imagined that it would become so popular and grow by leaps and bounds. Over the years, Facebook has received a lot of appreciation from the people and this is the reason that its business has gone to $150 billion. According to the users of Facebook, it has become a part of their lives and this platform gives them the opportunity to make new friends and get in touch with people. Though Facebook has offered a wonderful experience to the users but in the coming years it will be a challenge for them to attract billions of people towards it.

Facebook is one such platform that has not only grabbed the attention of the younger generation but even the adults and older people are getting attracted. The brilliant features, easy way to connect with people are some of the features that seek the attention of millions of users. Currently 81% of the people using Facebook belong to other countries rather than US. Indonesia has the highest number of Facebook users and even India accounts to 93 million people being a part of it. The statistics show that Facebook is surely a one stop option for the users and business owners both.

One step ahead with Instagram

Facebook reached new heights by purchasing Instagram on 9th April 2012. It has definitely increased the number of active users on Facebook with more people connecting to this platform. Nowadays Facebook is also accessed through Smartphones and there are around 556 million people who are using the smart devices. This platform has set a new trend in the field of mobile advertising as well. Facebook has become a universal need in today’s time and that is why its market is expanding day by day. With millions of users using the Facebook, it has set a new trend.

Recent acquisitions on Facebook

In the recent times, there have been a lot of rumors about Facebook losing 80% of their users. Facebook is one of the top social networking websites that has attracted millions of users. Now the people do not search for Facebook through Google but they are directly typing facebook.com and accessing the login page. Also the number of people using Facebook through their mobile devices has increased by leaps and bounds. Around 50% of the Facebook users are accessing their account via mobile. Despite the above factors, the teens are losing the interest in Facebook and are drifting away from it. But now a question arises as where they are going. Most of the teens are not using their Facebook account to get connected with the people but they are moving to better options like WeChat and WhatsApp.

In the recent times, such sources have gained a lot of popularity and that is why the younger generation is more attracted towards these options. Around 81% of the people are using WhatsApp, even Instagram has emerged as one of the best photo sharing app. Then Kik is also a new app which has caught people’s attention. So from the above facts and figures, it is clear that the teens are moving away from Facebook and relying more on the mobile messaging services. The increasing number of new apps is also one of the biggest reasons why the number of users visiting the Facebook has gone down as people are looking for a new experience. In 2017, it is expected that about 80% of the users will drop down as they have better means to communicate with their peers and other people.

Facebook paper app – a new revolution

Recently Facebook completed its 10 years and that is why the owner decided to launch a new app. This is known as “Paper” which is sure to seek the attention of the people. This new app is divided into two segments; one is the top header where you will find all the specific topics while at the bottom there is another header containing the top stories which can be read by swiping. This fresh look of Facebook is somewhat similar to the app Flipboard. The new look has been designed by Mike Matas with an aim to provide smooth navigation facilities. Paper also a unique option through which you can tilt the pictures and view them in a different way. This feature has been liked by the people. The Paper app is definitely a new revolution which is attracting the people and it is sure that the superb interface will increase the number of visitors as well. So the owners of Facebook have given a good surprise to its users by introducing the Paper app. With the technology improving at a faster pace, Paper technology has definitely evolved as a superior option.
So no matter what the acquisitions may be but in the recent times the popularity of Facebook is at its peak. Though there has been a sudden downfall in the number of users but the new Paper app is sure to soar the spirits of the people high. It will not only enhance their experience but provide them a new interface to explore. So the successful completion of 10 years of Facebook has led to a few changes in its interface which is appealing and admired by the users.

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