Let’s Look at the Stats – Digital Performance in 2020

Digital Performance in 2020

As we gear up for the new year, we have to look at the many changes from the year that has passed. 2020 has had a massive impact on every aspect of our lives – not least of all the way we do business. Here are some of the emerging trends and a look at […]

Five Tips for Revamping Your Social Media Pages

Revamping your social media pages

New year, new me – it’s the current theme for companies and individuals alike. It’s ok to want to start the year off with a new look but as a brand, you need to ensure this change is still in keeping with your established look. Drastic changes can alienate your current audience or affect your […]

Digital vs. Traditional Media in Trinidad!


There’s a change occurring within the media industry! The comparisons of the media dollar between Digital and Traditional media has been a buzz for quite some time! Everyone always says “Digital is more bang for your buck” or “Radio is the best way to reach people in T&T” or how about the general opinion that […]

Digital marketing – a necessity for the new business


The marketing strategies for promoting your business have changed a lot in the recent times. With the evolution of the internet and the new technologies, modern marketing methods have come before the business owners which are not only result oriented but cost effective as well. Gone were the days when newspapers and other stuff were […]