A Sample Journey

We all know this generation has gone digital in all most aspects of life. Digital marketing is just a part of the game now and it has become important for all agencies to adapt to digital if they want to survive in the market and get the best for their clients. We are seeing an increase in client demand for good digital work and a lack of all round knowledge of the why factor of digital over the how. Like any large firm, some agencies will fail to follow the new trends of marketing, they will lag behind and possibly say they can deliver digital or social marketing professionally when in fact they have a low level intern posting social media aggregated content and calling it strategy.

How it was
Just a few decades back, marketing was much different from what it is now. The most important thing, which could work in this field, was the right combination of text and images. The creative team had to work very hard to put the two things together the right way so that the result is satisfactory and appeals people. The people had to be motivated enough and the promotion had to be done in the right manner. Since the medium of marketing was just TV and print at that time, the competition was not very high.

The changes
However, the easy availability of internet and the opportunities available for the people have made good marketers shift focus to an omni-channel mindset. It is not just the pictures and text, which will work out in the right manner to help you market the product. There are several stages of  digital marketing like studying the product, getting the key advantages, studying the targeted customers and their behaviour etc. Promotion and PR is equally important when it comes to digital marketing and SEO is another factor.


The perfect blend
Adapting digital marketing is key to any traditional agency these days to get a direct to consumer relationship built. Traditional marketing will always be a great way to get a large, simple message out there. The use of the mediums should ideally go hand in hand If an agency manages to take care of each approach capitalising on the positive benefits of both mediums a new type of benefit can be realised. Their is no such thing as a perfect blend, but looking forward clients will want to know how each of these mediums is working to achieve their goals. Demonstrate this and you will always close new business.