Facebook Edgerank

Facebook marketing has become one of the most effective ways to promote your business. With a user-base in the Billions, this platform you can easily get any business. To get seen however is not always so simple. Getting traction on your posts and getting them on those users news feeds means you will need well thought out strategies and also will need to track the results. Mastering the news feed algorithm requires a bit more knowledge than ‘type, attach photo, post’.  There are very few business owners who are aware of this algorithm (formerly known as EdgeRank)  and use it for making a long lasting impact on their targeted customers. If you are new to Facebook marketing, let us explore more about the Edgerank and its utility.

Facebook Edgerank
This is an algorithm through which you can determine the rank of your content on the news feed. This gives you a better idea about how much of your content is appealing to people and how many of them are showing interest in it. Thus using the results of the news feed algorithm, you can easily modify your stuff and try to reach at the top position of the news feed. Higher the rank more will be the exposure as well as the visibility of your business over the internet. Thus, there is no doubt that Facebook Edgerank has evolved as one of the fruitful algorithms and useful in promoting your business on a global platform.

Important features of the Facebook Edgerank
The three important features of the news feed algorithm are:-

Affinity – It shows the relationship between the brand and the user. This attribute is determined with the help of the likes, comments and shares done by the users. The more number of likes and comments on the post, the higher its rank will be. If your posts are unable to engage the attention of the audience, it may bring down the rank and it can be hard to come out of it.

Weight – This attribute decides the value of the different actions performed over Facebook. For example, comments have a higher value than the likes and therefore it has more weight.

Time decay – It means how old your post has been. Older posts do not have much value and therefore posting new stuff is very important on a regular basis. In order to enjoy a higher rank, you must keep posting engaging content so that it is able to grab the attention of the people.

Consider these features and you will surely be able to increase your Facebook Audiences engagement.